Meet Winston Stetson, IV (Bass):


Born into a life of privilege under the wealthy Stetson family (his grandfather was the billionaire founder of the internationally recognized high end Stetson cologne), G Rod brings sophistication and “high taste” to the Dusters lineup.  Between Dick Diamond and the Dusters gigs, Buff can be seen hob-knobbing with the hoi polloi attending auctions of the world’s finest artwork, reviewing his financial portfolio, or partaking of one of his exotic and rare blends of tobacco from his exquisite pipe collection.


In 1964 Winston picked up his first bass as a hobby.  In fact, it is one of his 641 unofficial hobbies.  Always having a sense of humor, whenever at a live show he is told to “don’t quit your day job”, Gordon is quit to reply, “but on the contraire you simpleton commoner, but I have never worked one in my life”.  A connoisseur of “older” ladies, Stetson was once quoted as saying “my love life is like my affection for single malt scotches, I won’t touch any unless they’re fifty years or older…”