Meet Vito Testosteroni (Guitar):


Also joining this year’s tour is Dick’s longtime pal New Yorker Vito Testosteroni.   Vito is a valuable member of the Team Diamond camp, as he wears many hats acting juggling responsibilities as the Duster’s henchman, bookie, personal body guard, illegal  activities agent, escort coordinator, and tour bus driver.  He also plays guitar.  Dick and Vito go back to the days when Vito was a part time bouncer at the famed Studio 54 nightclub in NYC. 


Rumor has it that during a show in 78 Dick was catching the eye of the wife of jealous mob boss Vinnie Bagodonuts, who proceeded to send three of his “cleaners” to rough up Dick after the show in the dressing room.  Alert of the raucous, Testoteroni, (who owns three black belts and a set of brass knuckles) came to Dick’s rescue and proceeded to “clean some house” himself.  Also a sessions musician for years on guitar, Vito’s biggest claim to fame is that he had the honor of doing some studio work for Christopher Cross during the recording of “Ride Like the Wind”; not actual playing, but doing the drywall back when he worked in the carpenters union.