Meet Polly Ester (Vocals):


Joining the Dusters on this year’s world tour on backup and lead vocals is the amazing original “Diamond Girl” herself - sweet, sweet Polly Ester (many might know her as Dick’s 3rd and 7th ex-wife during the mid 90s). Starting her amazing career in show business when she was 15 (her ID said 17, close enough to 18...) as a “singing dancer” in downtown Vegas at the Slots and Sluts Casino (combination casino/brothel), Dick and Polly hit it off instantly, maybe too instantly, as they eloped at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel in 94’ only to have their union ending 15 minutes later over an argument over what CD to listen to in the limo on their way to the hotel room (Dick preferred Dean Martin, Polly preferred Color Me Badd).


While Dick has found true love since then (being married eight more times) Polly has found her true love as an entertainer making her mark in the music industry by performing as a backup singer (as well as other “performing” duties”…) for the likes of Englebert Humperdink, Tom Jones, Wayne Newton, and Christopher Cross - cover bands. Polly almost got her big break in 2001 as a contestant on American Idol, but was dismissed during the final cut as a result of calling Simon a “Euro trash cocksucker” and Paula a “second rate pill-popping, B-list talent whore” because of their comments about her allegedly dropping an F-bomb during her a cappella version of “Amazing Grace”. Among her hobbies, besides doing cover music, are doing yoga, doing astrology, and doing her band members.


Polly is looking forward to this year’s tour and showcasing her amazing voice, as well as enormous funbags, to the legions of Dickheads around the globe.