Meet Dick Diamond (Vocals):


Dick Diamond is a legend – an international jetsetter fueled by music, women, and an amazing fashion sense. It has been reported that that the “Most Interesting Man in the World” said that Dick Diamond is “far more interesting than me.” But unfortunately, as with every episode of “Behind the Music,” there was a dark side to Dick.


In 2012, the Stickney Paternal Embryonic Reproductive Medical Institute (S.P.E.R.M.I) Lab contacted Dick after 1500 children from the Sperm Donor Sibling Registry filed an injunction to find out the identity of their single donor. However, the fact that Dick possibly generated enough samples to father 1500 children wasn’t the shocking reason they were contacting him – it was the fact that another donor from the lab had the exact DNA as him: that’s right, after extensive testing it was discovered that Dick Diamond had a long lost fraternal twin...


Meet Richard Diamond III.